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The aim of Routes towards Sustainability is to develop interdisciplinary research on sustainable development, by activating teaching programmes at a graduate and postgraduate level, by promoting academic networking and intellectual exchange, and editing books, papers and scientific articles.


The central objective of Routes towards Sustainability is the promotion and sharing of innovative cultures of sustainability through pan-disciplinary approaches capable to consider sustainability as a complex system based on the interdependence between natural and anthropic ecosystems and the material and immaterial wellbeing of the organisms that live in it.


Routes towards Sustainability is creating and spreading a unique sinergy between cultural and scientific academic disciplines, exploring the intellectual potential of a cross-dialogue between humanities and social sciences, economics, law; biology, chemistry, medicine, urban planning, engineering.


The cultural assumption shared by the academic members of the network is that the preservation of the environment, the quality of life and the prosperity of all living organisms on the Planet can only be obtained through a growing and strong collaboration between:

  • Social and Humanistic Studies,

  • Environmental Economics and Circular Economy Studies, Local Development and Law,

  • Ecology, Biology and Chemistry Studies,


Exploring Ecocriticism, Green Cultural Studies, Heritage Studies, the concepts of Anthropocene, Planetary Boundaries, Circles of Social Life, indicators such as Ecological Footprints and the principles for the energetic and environmental management of the built environment. 

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