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Routes Governance

The main organ is the Steering Committee, formed by the Coordinators of each Partner University.

The Steering Committee is formed by a maximum of 2 Coordinators per Partner University.

The mandate of the Steering Committee lasts 3 years. After the deadline the Steering Committee stays in charge until the next General Meeting takes place, during which the new Steering Committee is formed. The members of the Steering Committee can be renewed up to three times.

The Steering Committee shall:

a) define the agenda for the annual General Meeting as well as for the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings;

b) participate in the annual General Meeting as well as in the Ordinary and Extraordinary Meetings;

c) manage ordinary and extraordinary administration;

d) define, manage and achieve the programmes and activities of Routes;

e) foster active participation of all the members;

f) contribute to the organization of the annual Symposium by supporting the members of the Scientific Committee;

g) deliberate upon applications for new partnerships;

h) approve of and revise the Rules and Regulations;

i) deliberate upon the cessation of Routes.

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